Indonesia’s Merapi volcano, one of the most active in the world, erupts with molten lava | the world

Indonesia’s Mount Merapi, one of the world’s most active, spewed fumaroles and molten lava on Saturday after erupting the previous day.

Images from the Merabi Volcano Observatory showed lava flowing from the crater and a huge column of black smoke rising 1,300 meters from its summit on Friday night. On Saturday, Merapi was still spewing hot ash and molten lava was seen.

In a statement, the National Institute of Volcanology warned residents of volcanic ash and lava flows, especially if rain falls near the crater. Merapi had already erupted last week, spewing volcanic material up to 3,000 meters from its summit. At least eight villages have been affected by ashfall.

Volcanologists estimated last week that the volcano was going through its most active phase since 2021. Merapi has been placed on the second-highest alert level since 2020, due to increased volcanic activity, and authorities have banned a zone seven kilometers from the summit. Merapi’s last major eruption dates back to 2010. It killed more than 300 people and displaced 280,000 people. It was the biggest since 1930 when 1,300 people died. In 1994, another eruption killed around 60 people.

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Images of the eruption of the world’s largest active volcano after a 40-year hiatus

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