A rain of fire that burns everything in its path: What are these bombs that Russia used against Ukraine?

On several occasions since the beginning of the conflict, Russia has used particularly destructive types of bombs against Ukraine. So-called “thermite” bombs were used by Moscow, especially in the city of Vuhledar. In Fight videos Broadcast on social networks, it can be seen that the mining area of ​​​​Donetsk region (in the east) was hit by fire rain.

If it looks like firecrackers, the scenes are actually terrifying as these firecrackers are very destructive. Missiles made of metal oxide powder burn instead of exploding and reach temperatures in excess of 2,400 degrees. Hence they are able to penetrate steel and completely burn the human body.

Bombs are usually fired from the ground, from rocket launchers, and target large areas rather than precise targets. This makes it one of the most brutal weapons in Russia’s arsenal, capable of causing “immediate and lifelong human suffering,” according to Human Rights Watch.

War in Ukraine: “Meat Grinder” Causing Astronomical Human Losses

For weeks, much of the fighting has been taking place in Bagmouth, where Russian forces, having recently suffered heavy losses, are working to take control of the city. But Russia continues to bomb other Ukrainian cities.

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