In the Netherlands, an anti-Pere Futtard protest degenerated after the arrival of a group in disguise (VIDEO)

To bind Father Fouettard ©BELGA

Kick Out Zwarte Piet protests against the appearance of Père Fouettard during the entry of Saint-Nicolas. According to KOZP, some Father Footarts were painted completely black, while others appeared much darker with feathers still covered in soot. The task force arrived by bus at De Lier shortly before 1:30 p.m., with a large number of police officers nearby. People in black face make-up walked the streets, cars honked and chants of “Get out of de Lier” were heard.

Upon arrival, KOZP protesters were targeted with firecrackers, eggs, cans and pepper spray. A black smoke bomb was also thrown. Around 3 pm, the action team members dispersed.

Last night, police cameras installed for security during the St. Nicholas parade were also sprayed with polyurethane foam. The police arrested four people.

The municipality took extra security measures due to the demonstration announced by Kick Out Zwarte Piet. The group is disappointed that Mayor Bouke Arends has not taken the initiative to remove the old “racist caricature Zwarte Piet” in this year of remembrance of slavery.

To bind father futard
To bind Father Fouettard ©BELGA
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