Dad’s TV is over: Why this medium is getting so old

In the seventeen years, from 2006 to the present, the average age of the French population has increased from 39.5 years to 42.4 years. On the other hand, it only took three short years for the French audience to increase at the same rate from 54 to 57 year olds. The observation is clear: television has become a very aging medium. to the point of making its leaders tremble.

In our neighbors across Quiévrain, the public service has decided to take the bull by the horns. And tripled in five years, its budget was under 25 years. A quarter of its resources (compared to the current 8%) will be allocated to a quarter of the population. “It is not a lost cause, although we have reached a tipping pointFrance Televisions Director of Programs and Antennas Stéphane Sitbon-Gomes explains. Mobile is the gateway to youth content. Their television is often called YouTube. Their informative reflection is on social networks. Before adding: “The perfect model is to put programs designed for social networks on our airwaves or vice versa.

France Televisions will launch its seduction campaign with a message on social networks targeting 12-18 year olds, What information and a series, hold back, in addition to academic programs for high school students. In the other direction, Instagram, YouTube and Tik Tok star Hugo DeCrypte will be on hand to do a TV interview. Starting with Thomas Besket.

“This is a big change in what France Televisions offers, Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez concludes. has Primarily, the state partner will not triple our resources. So this ambition involves redistributions, changes, perhaps deviating from linearity in favor of non-linearity, termination of some projects…”

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In short, Dad’s TV is over.

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