In North Korea, recent election results are surprising: “first time since the 1960s”

A total of 27,858 workers, farmers, intellectuals and bureaucrats were elected as new representatives to provincial, municipal, district and district assemblies during local government elections held on Sunday. The North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reports. A controversial vote from a democratic point of view as there was no rival. Voters can only approve or reject the nomination of Labor candidates.

At the provincial level 99.91% voted in favor and 0.09% against. In the city and district assemblies, 99.87% voted in favor of the candidates and 0.13% against. It’s the first time North Korea has revealed the percentage of negative votes, a surprising start to transparency. “We should see this as an option to show that residents can properly express their views in elections, but we are far from guaranteeing the right to vote. A South Korean minister explains anonymously The Korea Times.

Note that the principle of secret ballot is not respected. Two ballot boxes, one for approving candidates and the other for disapproval, are visible to all. So it is very easy to know what someone voted for.

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