Seven killed in Texas car crash in front of migrant center

“The car ran over several people who were waiting at a bus stop,” Brownsville police spokesman Martin Sandoval told a local TV station.

Seven people have died and the driver of the vehicle has been arrested and is undergoing treatment, he added.

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He will be charged with dangerous driving but could be targeted with other charges later in the day, Mr. Sandoval says.

Whether it was an accident or a deliberate act, the investigation will tell, the official said.

According to witness accounts, “the car seems to have lost control. Now, whether it was an accident or deliberate, it is still under investigation,” he said.

The news comes as officials prepare Thursday to repeal a health measure that allows “Title 42” immigrants to be deported without delay. Officials fear its expiration could lead to an increase in illegal entries into the United States.

Mr. According to Sandoval, due to the “current influx,” the Center for Homelessness welcomes current immigrants ahead of the event.

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