In Hungary, settling scores with “Cary Orban”: “What's your secret?”

For a long time, I believed in the ideal of a national, sovereign and civil Hungary. […] But I understood that all this was only a political preparation”, wrote this senior official Advertising on Facebook.

The president and the leading Fidesz deputy for European elections resigned together on Saturday, ravaged by a scandal linked to a child abuse case.

Peter Magyar has today knocked on the doors of the boards of directors of several companies and the supervisory board of a bank, all public or semi-public companies. In a long interview for a YouTube channel PartisanHe reiterated his allegations, “Half of the country is owned by a few families” and describes a quasi-mafia-functioning regime that drinks its full power and never returns.

Since it was posted online on Sunday evening, the interview has already been viewed 1.7 million times. An event where political life has been crushed by four consecutive victories for Viktor Orbán's party since 2010 in the country of 9.6 million people has been reduced to government announcements marked by populism.

Rogan in the viewfinder

Andal Rogan is the main target of Peter Magyar's criticism. Compared to Richelieu, the latter is the all-powerful “Minister of Propaganda,” as his enemies call him, and head of Fidesz's communications machine and steamroller, the secret services. He was the one who ensured that the media in the pay of Fidesz remained silent on the issue of presidential pardons, before changing tactics by decreeing that Viktor Orbán was a pedophile.Cut into pieces” and that there can be no forgiveness for them. An announcement that sounded the death knell for the President.

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The exit from the “Organization of National Cooperation” mandated by Fidesz in 2010 will not be without damage to the defectors. “I got a chance to see how the system works from the inside, and Rogan's propaganda machine made me out to be a traitor, a criminal, a psychopath, a drug addict, a child abuser, a resident of Brussels, a mercenary, a pro-war person, etc. ”, he expects. In fact, a comment column was published Magyar NemsetFidesz's mouthpiece, journalist Gergely Huth, calls for a purge.National camp“Because, according to him,”An opportunist or proselytized fellow cannot be equal to an inflexible patriot”.

He wrote on his Facebook page, “Fear not! ”, Peter Magyar challenged his new opponents to a duel, suggesting that he knew a lot about them. “You are a really talented guy”, he says, for example, to Istvan Deborgs, the son-in-law of Viktor Orban, a businessman who became prosperous from his marriage. “At 37, you already have 100 billion (Forints)Full of hotels, banks and investment funds, the Waberer company owns half of Belgrade's office building market. […]. What's your secret?

It has weakened as the election deadline approaches

Ten days after the President's revelations about the pardon, we now know that under the influence of Soltan Balog, the head of the Calvinist Church in the hot seat today, former Minister of Human Resources, President Katalin Novak granted a permit. Presidential pardon in the wake of the crisis that rocked Fidesz.

In a completely new way, YouTubers Influential people are now planning a demonstration against the government in Budapest's Heroes' Square on Friday, hoping to mobilize a new section of society. Is it enough to seriously weaken power before municipal and European elections in June? Fidesz, which has ruled without a split since 2010, is unlikely to have demonstrated its resistance skills in the past. Despite mounting revelations and scandals, he does not seem to be experiencing an erosion of power, and he retains about a third of the electorate. This is despite inflation in the country peaking at 25% a year ago. He can only hope that the loyal Andal Rogan will quickly forget about this new scandal…and Peter Magyar into oblivion.

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