Apple fans are starting to bring back Vision Pros

For some Apple Vision Pro buyers, the honeymoon is already over.

It's no coincidence that there's been an uptick on social media of Vision Pro owners saying they are Return the $3,500 headphones In the last few days. Apple allows you to return any product within 14 days of purchase — and for the first wave of Vision Pro buyers, we're right at this point.

“While it was as magical to use as I had hoped, it was simply too uncomfortable to wear even for short periods of time due to the weight and design of the strap. I wanted to use it, but was afraid to put it on,” says Ortolani. to publish Regarding returning the device

“It's too expensive and impractical to even try to get used to the constant headaches and eye strain I've been experiencing. I'll be back for the next one.”

This is not surprising. Every human body is unique, which is a problem when you scale the production of wearables for the mass market. Comfort is inevitably sacrificed, and it affects people disproportionately. With smartwatches, it often boils down to the size and weight of the case compared to your wrist. With smart rings, they're about the size of your finger. Many people unfortunately range between sizes or have problems with chilblains. For smart glasses and headphones, having a low nose bridge can mean the device slides off your face or fails to adequately block light.

But the hardware is not the only problem. Another common complaint is that the Vision Pro doesn't offer enough productivity for the price. One user pointed out Threads Looking at Figma screens made them dizzy but the device was also not applicable to their work. Another engineer wrote On the social media platform X, which “the programming experience failed to convince [him]“Concentration problems caused headaches.

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“If I don't use this for productivity, if I don't like it for entertainment, if there aren't enough games to play on it – I can't justify keeping it,” one Reddit user books.

For Carter Gibson, a senior manager who works in community management and oversight at Google, it's the finer details. Things like window manipulation and file management are a productivity hitch.

“It's hard to multitask between windows,” Gibson told me in one exchange Threads. “Many file types are simply not supported in Vision Pro. I also can't see how creating a slide in VP would be any less powerful than doing it with a mouse and keyboard – even if it feels like you're indoors Minority report“.

It's hard to say how this audio subset of early adopters will impact the Vision Pro in the future. Many of the people who said they would return the device also indicated that they would be excited to try the second-generation Vision Pro. Others stressed that technology wasn't the issue at hand as much as it was the lack of a killer app or convenience. It is also difficult to determine the extent of this phenomenon. While these users are speaking out on social media, we have no idea what the actual return rate will be — or what Apple's internal expectations are for the Vision Pro.

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