“In case of nuclear war, it can be used”

The US European Command announced the news on Twitter earlier this week. “A US Army E-6B Mercury recently arrived in Iceland. The crew met with US Ambassador Karin Bateman and other diplomats and military leaders.

The aircraft is also known as the “End of the World Aircraft”, which serves as the command center for nuclear powered submarines. A confusing nickname for a device based on the Boeing 707 model, 46 meters long and 12.93 meters high. A little gem, it was last commissioned in 1998 and cost $140 million. When we learn that the US has 16 E-6B mercury‚Ķ

If it bears the name “plane of the end of the world,” it could be used as a flying command center, especially in the event of a nuclear war. Even during the September 11 attacks when the President of the United States wanted to travel with “Air Force One”, a situation that had never happened before.

There is currently no information on the reason for this sudden arrival on European soil. A response to Russia following the Kremlin’s decision to withdraw from the New Start nuclear deal is largely hypothesized. However, not all of these are confirmed.

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