I'm a professional cleaner – these are the 5 common mistakes you make when cleaning your home

By Karina Stathis for Daily Mail Australia

02:30 01 April 2024, updated 02:30 01 April 2024

A professional Australian cleaner revealed the common mistakes people make when cleaning their homes.

Cassie, who runs Big cleaning company In Melbourne, he said the bugs not only make a home “look bad” but can also cause damage.

“Cleaning is not complicated as long as you follow some simple rules,” she wrote and shared a video on TikTok to educate others.

Firstly, many people use a lot of water when mopping floors which can damage the hardwood floors and leave unwanted stains on the tiles.

“I clean that mop good,” she said.

Professional cleaner Cassie Stevens, from Melbourne, who heads up Big Clean Co, has revealed the common mistakes people make when cleaning their homes.

Similar to using too much water when wiping, it is common to use too many products.

“It makes the floor feel sticky under your shoes — no one likes that,” Casey said.

Windex is a popular product used to clean windows for a streak-free shine. However, using it incorrectly can be “ineffective and ineffective,” Casey said.

“Instead, wash it with soap and wipe it for a sharp finish,” she said.

Next, it is necessary to make sure that your vacuum cleaner is cleaned otherwise it will not work properly.

A dirty vacuum can cause “poor suction” and “poor air quality” as dust can get back into the home, which could affect people with allergies, Casey said.

Finally, not maintaining the vacuum head is another common mistake, which can lead to scratched wood floorboards.

“Clean them regularly so no hair gets stuck in the wheels (this can cause them to jam), and check for damaged parts,” Cassie added.

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From using too much water when mopping to using Windex incorrectly, Casey said common mistakes can lead to damage
When cleaning windows, most people turn to Windex for a streak-free shine. However, Casey said this may be “ineffective and ineffective” on glass surfaces. “Instead, wash it with soap and wipe it for a sharp finish,” she said.

Kacie has become known for sharing helpful cleaning tips with thousands on TikTok, and earlier this year she revealed the unexpected product she swears by for transforming a dingy oven and making it sparkling clean.

She recommends using a pumice stick when dealing with dirty ovens with baked foods.

The abrasive product removes unwanted grease quickly and effectively without leaving any scratches – and it's chemical-free.

In another video, Cassie recorded herself using a pumice stick to demonstrate how successful she was.

“This is a professional cleaner's tip for removing buildup on the bottom of the oven,” she said.

“Just grab a pumice stick.” This will literally scrape it off without scratching the oven.

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