IFQP: Is feminism going too far? “Soon, Men Will Be Mandated to Wear Makeup”

This Monday, September 11, Julien Paul received in his suite the lawyer Danny Sprudels, the entrepreneur and CEO of So blonde management Celine Aron, the director of the theater “Le Public” Michel Kacenelenbogen and the antenna director of LN24 Jean-Marc Gheraille.

The program included the number of women starting to grow hair, Yves Coppieters’ first interview as a politician and the Pope’s controversial visit to Marseille.

An activist gesture? The practical aspect? Celine Aron has expressed her opinion about the increasing number of women who decide not to remove their hair. On the subject, Danny Sprudels, who claims to be for all women’s rights as a lawyer, believes “feminists are already fighting the best fight” against growing one’s hair. The latter also laments the lack of acceptance of the distinction by some feminists. “Soon, men will be ordered to wear makeup.”

Regarding the first political interview with the epidemiologist Yves Coppieters, our panelists turned unbeknownst to him regarding the history of his own party (Les Engages, ex cdH). For Michel Kacenelenbogen and Yves Coppieters, this does not mean a lack of knowledge. “A well-prepared head is better than a head full of nothing! Knowing the historical data to which Copiers responded poorly would not automatically have made him a good manager”, wondered the director of the “Le Public” theater, but the former epidemiologist was not better prepared during an interview on RTL-TV.

On Saturday, Pope Francis I’s visit to Marseille on immigration sparked controversy. According to Danny Sprudels, the Pope’s speech is “not very consistent” because “there is not the slightest constructive idea in what he says.”

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