If you missed the ‘Fortnite’ live event due to a long line, here’s what happened and when you can play it again

Updated on 2/12/2023. See updates below.

fortnite Eminem’s massive ‘Big Bang’ live event will end Fortnite OG’s season and begin a ‘fresh start’ for the battle royale game.

This live event is our first in a long time, and concludes the most popular – but also shortest – season of fortnite date. Fortnite OG was so popular that over 100 million players entered the game during November to try out the original map and weapons. This is the most shared fortnite Never before, including when it was at its peak years ago.

Now the season is coming to an end. Today, the Big Bang live event will change everything — though I’m not sure what Epic Games has in mind when they say it’s a “new beginning for Fortnite.”

Chapter 5 is about to begin, with crazy crossovers

We know, thanks to leaks, that some of the Battle Pass collaborations for Chapter 5 of Season 1 include Peter Griffin from Family life loving man And the snake from Hard lime mineral. The leaks also point to new racing modes, music/rhythm modes, and a type of LEGO mode. We’ll find out soon enough.

But before the start of the next season, a Big Bang live event will be broadcast, in which none other than rapper Eminem will participate. There are themed outfits in store ahead of the event, with Rap Boy, Slim Shady and Marshall Never More Outfits on display earlier this week.

Big Bang live event start time

The Big Bang event begins on Saturday, December 2 at 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT. Players will be able to log into the pre-event lobby 30 minutes before the scheduled time, which is highly recommended to avoid long queues that may interfere with your ability to get into the game. You can play with friends in groups of up to four people.

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If you’re not able to play on your console or PC, Epic points out that you can play via Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GeForce NOW, or Amazon Luna on your mobile device as well. You’ll also be able to watch across any number of streamers on Twitch, YouTube, and elsewhere.

There’s no word on how long the event will last but plan for a good half hour. There are usually multiple stages for events like this, with some sort of special mode you can wander through after the show.

The server stopped

fortnite The servers will be down on Saturday starting at 11:30 PM ET / 8:30 PM PT for update version 28.00. Most epic of the making fortnite The modes will be retired starting at noon today, although player-created experiences will remain until the downtime begins. This means you won’t have much to do other than the live event or player content today.

Downtime typically lasts several hours, so a new chapter and season will likely start in the early hours of Sunday morning, although in the past we’ve seen complete power outages with the game down for several days. This seems unlikely here, but it is not outside the realm of possibility.

See you tomorrow during the Big Bang live event. If I make it into a game, I’ll post screenshots (and maybe even a live stream) Also on my YouTube channel. Stay tuned.

Update — Big Bang’s live event has ended but will return

Players – myself included – faced long lines when logging in to play the Big Bang event. I had over an hour on hold 22 minutes before the event started, which made it impossible to log in and play or record footage from the vent.

Epic Games somehow didn’t anticipate how big this event would be, though I’m not sure how possible that is given the 100 million player count in November and the massive hype surrounding this event.

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Anyway, I was able to watch the event on different channels. In many ways, the event was a repeat of Chapter One’s rocket, which shot into the sky, created a crack and then exploded back into Loot Lake as dozens of small rockets struck a force field around the site. A massive implosion of stars and colors occurred after the missile barrage as everything in the map was slowly pulled into the nexus, creating another black hole. Even the music from the black hole screen during downtime was restarted at this point.

Fortunately, this time there was no downtime for four days immediately afterward. Instead, a wave of psychedelic colors launched players into space, a void filled with suspense, including… Fall of men. Moments later, everyone transformed into LEGO characters displaying the new LEGO x Fortnite mode. Pretty soon, we’ll all be building LEGO houses fortnite, Which is very cool. As players moved around the LEGO map, we saw dragons attacking castles and other crazy landmarks.

All three new modes are coming fortnite It was displayed at the event. After landing on LEGO, players landed in their race cars and began driving around the massive race track located on the map. This is the second new mode coming fortnite.

The third is the new rhythm and music placement – ​​think Guitar hero meet fortnite. Unsurprisingly, this debuted during the event’s third act which featured two of Eminem’s songs. Players were able to play along with the first song Similar to Guitar Hero. In the second, Marshal Mathers becomes huge and walks around destroying buildings like Godzilla.

From here, players are shot back into space as rays of light stream from colorful holes of space, connecting different… fortnite Locations and items such as Durrr Burger and Battle Pass.

Edit: The three new modes are standalone games fortnite. here they are:

  • Lego Fortnite – LEGO survival/crafting adventure.
  • Rocket race – A racing game developed by Rocket League studio Psynonix.
  • Fortnite Festival – A music game developed by Rock Band studio Harmonix where you can play in solo bands or with friends. This will kick off with The Weeknd on December 9th
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He watches The entire event without comment less:

You can check out the new trailer for Chapter 5, Season 1 here.

When can you replay (or re-watch) the event?

Epic Games says it will add two more shows for The Big Bang after the 2pm ET show, but has not announced the actual time yet. I will update this post as soon as this information is available. Stay tuned.

release: You’ve just received a response from Epic Games. The next two time periods for the Big Bang event are:

  • 5 PM ET / 3 PM PT
  • 11 PM ET / 8 PM PT

Hopefully the waiting lists won’t be too long!

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