“I will explain to him everything she has done for him since his birth, the sacrifices she has been able to make, everything she has been able to give in her life, in love in general”

The ex-partner of Judine Virac was found dead at the end of October this Sunday, at 2pm in Saint-Céré in Corres, during a parade organized in honor of the young woman. out of town..

“From the funeral, we can say that it will be better,” 20-year-old Alexandre admitted to BFMTV’s colleagues. “I think we all realized she was gone. It happened so quickly that no one realized it at the time.


Justin and Alexander met in high school. Together, they had a little boy: “The cabin made me hold on. What kept me going was my family, my friends and especially my son, because he became his.

So the young man will have a difficult task to raise this boy alone: ​​“I will explain to him everything she has done for him since his birth, all the sacrifices she has made in her studies, in her life. In general, she was able to give him love. She literally devoted her life to him.”

france-murder-demo (2)

As a reminder, a 21-year-old farmer, jailed and prosecuted for rape, kidnapping and murder, admitted at the end of police custody that he “murdered the victim while they were both at his house”. Consensual sex’.

The suspect, who lives in the town of Beynaud, 15 km from Brive, told investigators he would “punch and kill” the young woman, the mother of a two-and-a-half-year-old child. . and used an “agricultural machine” to “bury the body” in the forest.

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The victim’s body was found near the suspect’s farm after several days of searching by 80 policemen and gendarmes.

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