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Tuesday morning, eclipse season Continues with the lunar eclipse in stubborn bull. Be prepared for crowning and conclusion. You may have to face an emotional reckoning that you hoped to avoid – the end you were delaying may eventually prove inevitable. No matter how hard you stick to it, change comes the same. New problems require new solutions, new thinking, and a completely different approach. So if an unfamiliar path opens up for you this week, don’t be afraid to follow it. If you move through these days with courage, you will find magic on the other side.

When your surroundings seem to turn gray or your work becomes especially dull, your instinct is to take action. You do not sit around waiting for adventure. It’s a naturally good strategy – why rely on someone else to accommodate your needs or hope the universe will perform a miracle when you have the power to make things happen on your own? But this week, be careful. The wheels are already spinning, change is happening all around you. Don’t take any drastic steps or look for a problem. The excitement will come to you.

Your most impulsive friends have a hard time understanding you. They assume you’re afraid of change, and you can’t stand uncertainty. But this is not true. As long as there is one thing in your life that you can be sure of (one person, sanctuary, spirit), that you can trust to fix it), then all kinds of chaos become potential. However, these days, it is difficult to find a single reliable mainstay. Old emotional anchors may not hold you as securely as they normally would. Fortunately, an unexpected person or thing will arrive to provide new meaning and stability. Don’t reject them.

One of your great strengths is that you understand how vast the world is and full of possibilities. You are well aware that there are endless opportunities for happiness and love. You trust that if one relationship falters, you can move on in hopes of finding another nice one. If one of your plans doesn’t work, there is always another one you can try. But this week, make sure you don’t give up too quickly. It’s nice to be able to make it through without too much fuss, but sometimes, it’s better to stay and fight.

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Even when a relationship isn’t clearly working out or a chapter is coming to an end, it can be hard for you to name it. Life is long and unpredictable, and your curiosity keeps you hooked: who knows what amazing developments might happen a day, a month, or a year from now? Sometimes it is necessary to close the door. Don’t be afraid of endings this week. Even the people you conflict with can bring new possibilities into existence, and that’s what you need right now.

Your main responsibility at the moment is perseverance. This may sound cliched – you’d rather set your sights higher. But sometimes it’s really enough to keep going. In this week there will be days that do not go your way, people who disappoint you, moments when your radiant confidence begins to falter. So go easy on yourself. Perhaps you will achieve great things despite the chaos around you. If you don’t, that’s okay. You are not defeated. Eventually, things will get easier again. The universe will return to your side. Don `t give up.

This week, you may feel abandoned by the people who were supposed to care about you, who you thought were on your side. When you really need support, it can be surprising to see who does — and who doesn’t — for you. The important thing is not to give in to feelings of helplessness or resentment. Resolve not to give up on yourself or accept the cruelty of the people in your life. You can argue, you can ask for better, you can leave, if it comes down to it. You have more power than you think, so use it.

A part of you imagines that you should be able to get over your feelings, as if once you decipher them, knowing where they came from, they lose all their power over you. Insight into your inner landscape is valuable in and of itself, of course, but it won’t free you from having to actually experience your feelings. This week, they’re probably going to be more severe than usual, no matter how close you check them out, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They can make you better, braver, and more loving, if you let them.

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Sometimes what you tell yourself is precious hard work is really just a way to avoid dealing with uncertainty. When you laser focus on checking tasks off your list, you don’t have much mental space for self-doubt to creep into. But this week, it’s okay if that happens. Allow yourself to ask what kind of life you want and why. You may have changed, or you may have changed the world around you – either way, your old goals no longer ignite a fire within you. Give yourself permission to change your mind even if it brings you trouble. It will be worth it in the end.

You are not afraid to struggle, work hard, and take big risks. But you also want reassurances that it will not be in vain. You can tolerate just about anything as long as you know it won’t last forever, but lately you’ve had your doubts. This week, you will receive a reminder from the universe that change is the only constant, that you will continue to grow, and that there is a light at the end of heartache. The road is weirder and more difficult than expected, but you are always on the move. Your self-confidence and charm did not pass you by.

You are well aware that the universe often doesn’t give you second chances to get things done. You have to accept the consequences of your actions, take them one step at a time and keep moving forward. Every now and then, you get a chance to recreate. If the conversation goes badly, you’ll get a chance to make it happen again, to say what you really mean. If the relationship ended in bitterness, you can reconsider it later with more kindness. You can act the way you wish you had it the first time. You can’t rewrite the past, but you Can learn from them. Do not take this gift lightly.

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When you feel anxious or ashamed, you can usually identify the cause – an embarrassing interaction you’re worried about, a deadline you’ll miss in the past, a past mistake that continues to cause problems. But as so often, shyness is blurry and cunning. And even if you don’t know where it originated from, it can still wreak havoc in your life, causing you to keep others at arm’s length. Are you afraid they will see you? You are See yourself, they were running. Your biggest challenge this week is allowing others to approach you despite the negative voice in your head. You deserve care, so let people take care of you.

Even though you try to act respectfully, no one is perfect to always do the right thing. Inevitably, you will make mistakes, accidentally hurt, and break hearts, including yours. This week, you may be drawn into a conflict with someone you care about, and one or both of you may lose your cool, so speak the words you wish you could take back. Don’t panic. There is room for forgiveness, if that’s what you want. Don’t run away – if you’re brave enough to stay put, and work through the problem, things may be better than they ever were.

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