“I want to see her, of course we’ll meet, I want to know her”

On January 1, Alain, who lives in Bouches-du-Rhône, went to the bank’s distributor to pick up his bank accounts, when he saw an open envelope, he reported to our colleagues from La Provence.

“I tell myself that people have no respect. They can at least throw their papers in the trash,” he told the newspaper. The envelope is open, and the man’s gaze is drawn to a small colored border sticking out of the envelope: it is actually a handwritten greeting card. “Intrigued by nature”, Alain decides to take a look… and finds several hundred euros, 350 to be exact.

According to him, there is no question of keeping this amount, it is not his: “However, it represents a quarter of my salary. Can you imagine spending an amount that isn’t yours? “, he asks La Provence. So, the next day, he contacted the local media in hopes of finding the owner of the envelope, France 3 Provence reports.


After some people try to recover money that doesn’t belong to them, Alain finds Pauline, a student who has returned to Paris for her studies, to whom the €350 he found belongs. By finally returning to the bank, he finds her thanks to the surveillance cameras.

Alain hopes to meet Pauline

Without waiting, he calls the young lady and tells her the good news. “She was crying and told me how depressed she was,” Alain tells France 3. “For her, this money was lost. She thought she lost it on the street.”

His call, which was broadcast everywhere in France, moved many French people, and our colleagues from France still reported 3. “The thank you calls never stopped. I got hundreds,” Alain testifies again. “People call me from Lille, Dijon, Montpellier, from everywhere, people tell me: you are wonderful, there are no more people like you in life, you deserve only good things, we are proud of you…”, he says.

While waiting for Pauline to return to her family, Alain handed the envelope to the young woman’s mother. But he hopes to be able to see her one day: “I want to see her, of course we will meet, I want to know her”, he still told our colleagues.

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