“I know Bartella looks good on TikTok, but we have to go and vote to fight him”, by Nezrin Slav – Liberation


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The leading party among 18-30-year-olds aiming to vote in European elections, the RN has used social networks as “powerful campaign tools”, says journalist calling for a crackdown on the far-right.

I know, Jordan Bartella is cute and cute on TikTok. He eats candy behind the scenes of his interviews, drops his jacket in the middle of the crowd and walks into neglected rural towns. He’s also young, just 28, he’s handsome with his crew cut, and he’s…smiling. In a documentary aired on Arte titled Young people don’t care anymore RN, A fan says: “He still has the reputation of being a reality TV guy.”

Because Jordan Bartella has 1.3 million subscribers on the social network, which makes him one of the most followed French politicians behind Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Marine Le Pen’s Defender plays on all the codes of our time: self-positioning, dynamic montages with subtitles, fake closeness with the public and she navigates all the controversies fueling her anti-immigration speech. As we’ve left digital platforms unchecked and the media has helped trivialize the far right, Bartella is ubiquitous.

Algorithms immerse its followers in an endless cycle of content with deep and irrational fears, factually flawed analyses, racist and macho ideologies – as the two are combined – with fake news and revisionism. It is a trap set p

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