“I don’t believe he was a pedophile”: these investigators doubt Fournieret’s involvement in the Estelle Moussin affair | Various facts

“I don’t believe Michel Fournieret is a pedophile”: Former investigators expressed their suspicions Friday that the “ogre of the Ardennes” and his ex-wife Monique Olivier were involved in the disappearance of Estelle Moussin, drawing civil outrage. Parties condemned “judicial revisionism”.

The first investigator to testify, Philippe G., told the Hauts-de-Seine Assize Court, which has been investigating Monique Olivier since November 28 for complicity in the abduction, isolation and murder of the girl, that there are still “doubts” about the couple’s involvement in the crime.

He assures us: the trail of Michel Fournieret, “a serial killer with a rare and disturbing profile, worst in France for 40 years”, has been investigated by the Versailles judicial police and is “considered a priority”. But according to the police official, investigators did not have “enough evidence” to charge him. One of his arguments: It was snowing that day, January 9, 2003, and the traffic conditions made it very difficult to come from the Ardennes.

A call from Belgium

And he himself took two and a half hours to travel by car from Versailles to Courmandes on Friday 10 January 2003, to this village in Seine-et-Marne after PJ was captured in the trial. The day after Estelle disappeared. Michel Fourniret’s alibi was given by Philippe G. Undaunted, her eldest son received a birthday call that day from the landline of her home in Chard-Gustin, Belgium. But it is difficult to know who actually made the phone call, he added.

The director of investigations at the time, Stéfanie Duchâtel, assured that investigators were “obliged to believe” that Michel Fournieret had made the call, “because Monique Olivier” questioned the call, “continuing to say that she did not send it. Her husband’s place”: “To counter this argument We don’t have the components”.

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Michel Fournieret was indicted in the case in November 2019 after Monique Olivier contradicted the alibi the serial killer had given for the day Estelle disappeared to trial judge Sabine Keris. He then admits his responsibility in the case to the magistrate in March 2020: “I recognize a being that is no longer there for me,” he declares.

“We wouldn’t be here if Versailles BJ had continued this case, you had convictions, you tried to overturn the trial,” said the lawyer for the civil parties, Mr. Didier Céban was very critical. Ms Keris led Fournieret from Versailles investigators in the investigation of Estelle Moussin and handed him over to the gendarmes of the Dijon investigative unit in 2019.

“Unfathomable” but “Believable”

Confronted with theses maintained by two investigators, Me Seban denounced “judicial revisionism” after tense exchanges with this former member of the Versailles PJ. Philip G. The serial killer said he “likes older women, not pre-pubertal girls” and that he doesn’t think “Michael Fournieret is a pedophile”. Mee Corinne Herman vividly recalled the age of some of the serial killer’s victims, particularly Elizabeth Pritchett, who was kidnapped, raped and killed when she was 12 years old.

In 1967, Michel Fournieret was convicted in Sedan of sexually abusing a seven-year-old girl. A couple’s confession? Philip G., both have “lying and manipulation in their DNA” anyway. “Strongs that we can’t remove until Monique Olivier admits the facts,” Ms. Duchadel says. However, on Tuesday evening, Sabine Keris described Monique Olivier as “incomprehensible” but “believable” in her statements, although she confessed little as investigations progressed.

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