Wounded Belgian describes horror of helicopter attack in Lidl de Jemond

Helicopter attack on Lidl de Jeumont: “There was blood everywhere”

“It’s 7:00 p.m. and we’re in the cheese department at the back of the store. Our only concern: follow our shopping list. Rather normal,” says the teenager on Instagram. “Then our attention is drawn to noises and movements coming from the entrance”, continues Close, who realizes that something “much worse” is happening than a theft or a robbery: a man armed with a helicopter and knives is attacking customers.

Quickly, Chloe found the emergency exit. “But it’s already too late. The man is in front of me”, she repeats. The man then attacks Chloe, giving her two violent blows to the head. She falls to the floor without losing consciousness. The attacker then falls on his side and hits her in the legs with two champagne bottles held by Chloe’s partner.

“I got up and managed to reach the first emergency exit I saw. I ran and left the store,” explains the Belgian, who then goes to seek help from the first car that approaches her. The driver calls the police and emergency services, who then tend to Chloe, who he believes is seriously injured. The young woman was taken to Valenciennes University Hospital and remains in hospital. Considering his injuries, incl He shared the photos on Instagram (Be careful, the pictures may be shocking), he considers himself lucky to be alive, and thanks his family and the emergency services.

A man attacked customers at a Lidl in Jeumont, France. ©MAXPPP

A total of four people were injured. The assailant, in his forties and with a schizophrenic profile, was discharged to Lille University Hospital and his main prognosis was involved because he opened his veins after the attack.

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