“I died, I came back”: 28-year-old Amber, the only person who survived a lightning strike in the United States (VIDEO)

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Amber Escudero-Contostatis28, feels guilty for surviving a lightning strike that killed three people while sheltering from the rain under a tree near the White House in Washington on August 4. She was the only survivor of this deadly weather event where six lightning bolts struck the group within half a second. Lightning killed Stream Lambertson29 and James and Donna Muller76 and 75 years. V.SThere are The latter two visited the capital to celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary.

The group hid under a tree during a summer thunderstorm when lightning and thunder were caught on camera. Amber was struck by lightning and burned pass through His body, in an interview, revealed his guilt for surviving Good morning America.

I don’t know why I survived. It’s not good that I’m the only survivor, that’s for sure“.

She said she was waiting for her husband to pick her up to celebrate her birthday by going door-to-door near Lafayette Square for an association.I was surprised to learn that I was attacked. I didn’t really understand it at first.

She said she was unprepared to react to a lightning strike and recalled thinking it would be better to hide under a tree because the tree”Catch fire and you will run from fire“.

But Vito MaggioloA DC spokesperson fire And EMS reiterated that this is not a plan Surely:Trees are not safe places. If someone takes shelter under a tree, it is a very dangerous place.“.

“Survivor’s Guilt”

Although her memories of that day are hazy, she remembers talking to James and Donna MullerBoth were tragically killed that day. “I hope I haven’t stopped talking to them“, Amber shared tearfully.I hope they are not there because of me“.

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The charity worker said he thought her shoes might have survived, as they were platform sandals with wide rubber soles.

They certainly didn’t save my life. But I think they contributed to less burnout.

Despite everything, lightning struck the ground and shocked his body. She was taken to the hospital in critical condition suffering from suffocation and severe burns.

I died and came back“, she says.I don’t think there was a heartbeat for a while. You never know when your last day will come“.

She was put down Respirator When she arrived at the hospital, her mother said that despite the severity of her injuries, she was recovering faster than expected. The family added that Amber is “very scared,” constantly asking what happened to her, and “Survivor’s guilt“.

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