How to test stick drift in Modern Warfare 3

published: 2023-10-08T22:20:53

Updated: 2023-10-08T22:21:07

Sledgehammer Games has allowed players to test and debug stick drift in MW3.

Stick Drift is a worst-case scenario for fans of any shooting game. Wrong inputs can make direction finding a nightmare, completely ruining the gameplay.

However, there are a few solutions when it comes to getting carried away with purchasing a new console Heavy hammer You try to correct that by putting together a solution to the game instead.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Modern Warfare 3’s anti-stick drift settings.


How to find stick drift mode

Players will find the stick drift setting under “Controller” in the settings menu. At the bottom of the menu, there will be a section titled “Dead Inputs” where the stick drift settings can be accessed.

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On the right side of the screen, the game will display a diagram of both the left and right stick as well as both triggers. All four can be modified depending on what is needed for the console.

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Where is the stick deflection test done?

The first option in the dead zone setting is the “Stick Dead Zone Test” where the game will allow the player to move their sticks freely and see the exact location on the map. Depending on which direction needs assistance, that map can then be translated into the minimum or maximum that needs to be changed for that stick.

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Trigger drift setting in MW3dexerto

There is no map of the operation buttons, but these settings can be found at the bottom of the same drop-down menu. This time there is a diagram for both triggers which can be changed depending on how much pressure the player wants to provide.

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Default dead zone input

Before you start changing settings, it is important to note which setting started at which number. Each slider has a specific number that corresponds to a controller that does not have stick drift. If you end up changing your settings to something you don’t like, here are the defaults to get you back on track.

  • Minimum left stick: 10
  • Maximum left stick: 99
  • Minimum right stick: 10
  • Right stick max: 99
  • L2 button dead zone: 13
  • R2 button dead zone: 13

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