Hezbollah and Israel exchange fire after an attack by Palestinian militants

The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah and Israel exchanged fire on Sunday — one day after Palestinian militants launched a deadly surprise attack in Israel — as they left. Hundreds dead and thousands wounded.

Hezbollah announced on Sunday that it had fired guided missiles and artillery shells at Shebaa Farms to show its solidarity with the Palestinian people. Reuters reported. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) He said Sunday that the IDF “Bombing targets in the area” after Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed group, fired missiles at Israel.

The Israeli military also said that one of its drones bombed Hezbollah infrastructure in the Mount Dov area, according to a post on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter.

“The Israeli army has taken preparatory measures for this type of eventuality. The Israeli army said: “We will continue to operate in all areas and at any time necessary to ensure the safety of Israeli civilians.”

There were no immediate reports of casualties, according to Reuters.

In a surprise move, the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched a multi-pronged attack on Israel on Saturday with a barrage of missile strikes, entering Israel and taking citizens and military personnel hostage, prompting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to declare war on the group. At least 250 Israelis and more than 300 Palestinians have been killed so far in Israeli retaliatory measures.

Later that day, the Prime Minister vowed to destroy Hamas and avenge those killed and wounded.

“What happened today is unprecedented in Israel, and I will make sure it does not happen again,” Netanyahu said in Hebrew in a televised speech. “The entire government stands behind this decision. The Israeli army will immediately use all its power to destroy Hamas’ capabilities.”

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