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In the wake of Thursday morning’s announcement of the shortlists for 10 Oscar categories, here are my takeaways…


1) Academy

Has there ever been a shorter list of the best original songs than this one?

Among the selected songwriters Billie Eilish And Phineas (“Why were you created?” of Barbie), Olivia Rodrigo (“Can’t Catch Me Now” from The Hunger Games: Song of Songbirds and Snakes), John Baptiste (“It Never Goes Away” from American Symphony) And Dua Lipa (“Dance the Night” from Barbie) – in other words, the people behind half of the nominees for Song of the Year Grammys that will be presented on February 4 – plus Mark Ronson (“I’m Just Ken” from Barbie), A$AP Rocky (“Am I dreaming” of Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse), Lenny Kravitz (“The Road to Freedom” from Rustin) And Halle Bailey (“Keep moving” of Violet), among others.

If, before or during the nomination vote (January 11-16, 2024), the Academy does not rent out the Hollywood Bowl and invite all the people behind a shortlisted song to perform it there (everyone will accept and this will be possible). This year’s hottest ticket for something other than Taylor Swift), and if ABC doesn’t broadcast said ceremony, I’d really have to question how much they want people to tune into the Oscars on March 10. There can’t be a better way to raise awareness for broadcast television on March 10, folks!

2) Netflix

Last season, Netflix’s awards efforts took a major turnaround after the shortlists were announced, showing the extent of the support All is quiet on the Western Front It was, and then the streamer focused his efforts much less Bardo And so on, and much more about the German-language film about World War I, which ended up winning the Academy Award for Best Picture, among many others.

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For Netflix this year All is quiet on the Western Front It may be Spanish Snow Association. J BayonaHis film about the 1972 Andes expedition disaster appeared on four shortlists, one more than the supposed front-runner for Best International Feature Film. Area of ​​interest: International film (Spain), original score, make-up/hair styling, and visual effects.

Netflix has also shown tremendous strength Matthew Heineman‘s John Baptiste documentary American Symphony, which made it to three shortlists: the documentary, as expected, but also the original score and the original song (Batiste’s “He Didn’t Go Away”). No other doc performed so well – Kino Lorber’s film notwithstanding Four girls Featured in doc feature lists and international feature lists (Tunisia).

Finally, Netflix also scored mentions in the shortlist for Sealed from the beginning (document feature), Rustin (original song) and Artist, band leader (Makeup/hair styling – so much for Bradley CooperArtificial nose is a problem), plus a short document – Courage campabout Ukrainian refugees – and two live-action short films, Wes Anderson‘s The wonderful story of Henry Sugar And The next oneChampionship David Oyelowo.

3) Apple

Another streaming device also had a big day: Apple. Its big budget Martin Scorsese picture Moonflower Killers She provided shortlists for makeup/hairstyling, sound, original score, and even the original song (“Wahzhazhe (Song for My People)”), and it’s a great show. Additional finalists included Still: A Michael J. Fox film For document feature and Flora and his son For the original song (both “High Life” and “Meet in the Middle”).

Lots of backlash after strikes against streamers!

4) Bad things

Yorgos LanthimosHis films aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they are his latest – and basically are Frankenstein meet Barbie – It seems to be going well with the academy. The Searchlight title made it to three shortlists: Makeup/Hair (Willem DafoeThe character’s face alone is worth it), the original score (Gerskin Vendrix) and visual effects. I’m sure the filmmakers would have liked to make the shortlist for sound as well, but this is still a very impressive show.

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5) Japan and France

The selection committees for the Best International Film Oscars in these two countries received a lot of criticism for their entries. Japan provided Perfect daysIt is a neon film by a German director Wim Wenderson the Japanese gentlemen Hirokazu Kore-eda (Monster) And Hayao Miyazaki (The boy and the heron), while France went with Anh Hung Tran‘s Taste of thingsa delicious film from IFC, about the murder mystery that won this year’s Palme d’Or, Justin Treat‘s Anatomy of a fall, which were cleaned with other precursors. any person Perfect days or Taste of things If it had missed the shortlist, those countries’ committees would have eaten a lot of crows. But they both decided.


1) Barbie

Greta GerwigThis critically acclaimed summer blockbuster received more mentions on the shortlist than any other film, five. But three of them were shortlisted as one for the original song (the other two are for the original music and sound). The film was missing from some shortlists that were widely thought to have a good chance of making it, Best Makeup/Hairstyling and Best Visual Effects. I think one should call this a split decision.

2) Violet

It was a somewhat disappointing morning for a hopeful Warner team. Music from Blitz BazzaoliThe image was recognized with a place on the results shortlist and two spots on the original song shortlist (for “Keep It Movin'” and “Superpower (I)”). But it failed on two lists it was widely expected to make, makeup/hairstyling, and, most worryingly for music, vocal (a category it should be noted, Bad things And Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse also missed)


1) Compete best images in hopes of identifying visual effects

Following exclusion Oppenheimer From its long list, the visual effects branch has now been excluded Barbie And Moonflower Killers From its shortlist, choosing animation instead, among other titles Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse. The only Best Picture 1 contender to make the final 10 in this category: Bad things. Since three of the last four winners in the Best Visual Effects category were Best Picture nominees, could this be a clue? Bad things Is it a front-runner for a visual effects Oscar and stronger overall than previously thought?

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2) Songs from animated films

Other than “Am I Dreaming” from Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse, no songs from the animated films were included in this year’s shortlist of best original songs. Not “peaches” from Super Mario Bros moviethat was nominated For the corresponding Golden Globe and Critics Choice Awards. This is not the desire he wishesthat was nominated For the corresponding Critics’ Choice Award. Not “For the First Time” or “The Scuttlebutt”. the little Mermaid“A better place” than Trolls band together Or “Steal the Show” from racist. kind of weird.

Meanwhile, in other music-related oddities…

Alexandre Desplata longtime Academy favorite, was not shortlisted for the original scores for either Boys in the boat or Naiad.

But surely, as day follows night, Diane Warren She returned to the Originals Top 15, this time for “The Fire Inside” from the forgotten single Flamin Hot.

3)Makeup/Hairdressing candidates

In addition to excluding Barbie And Violetone has to wonder what Branch found missing in the makeup Naiad And hairdressing for Priscilla. Even people who hate those movies admit that these aspects are impressive. So, at this point, it’s hard to imagine them getting recognition in other categories.

Academy Award nominations – the final five in each of the 23 categories – will be announced on January 23, 2024.

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