Here’s why you shouldn’t take pictures at the airport

By Lauren Choukiasian

When the day finally comes to leave on vacation, it’s often full of adrenaline because we leave so happy. So you might want to take a photo at the airport to share your happiness. That would be a bad idea.

Prepare to go on vacation: suitcase, documents, travel to site (if needed)… Once ready, enjoy every moment on site. It often starts with a souvenir photo at the airport. If you keep it to yourself, there is no risk. If you share it on social networks, on the other hand…

Why don’t you take photos at the airport?

The first risk many people make is sharing a snapshot of your boarding tickets (or flight tickets). Hackers risk stealing your data using the information on the ticket: your full name and your passenger file data. They can find your phone number, email address, etc. Nothing will stop them from hijacking your identity.

“Hackers can use social engineering techniques, impersonate airline representatives, and trick you into revealing personal data. They can use your boarding pass information to create targeted phishing attempts so that you click on malicious links or share sensitive data,” says Josh Amishaw, founder and president of the watchdog company. Prechance Data Breaches.

The second danger is that by showing that you are going on vacation, you alert potential thieves that you will not be home for a while.

Be careful!

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