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Google is testing an artificial intelligence tool that can write news articles, in the latest evidence that the technology has the potential to transform white-collar professions.

The product, known as Genesis, uses artificial intelligence technology to suck in information such as details of current events and then generate news stories. Gadget has been featured to The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal owner News Corp. as an “adjunct fellow,” According to The New York Times.

Google said it is in the early stages of exploring an AI tool, which it said could help journalists with headline choices or different writing styles. He stressed that this technology was not intended to replace journalists.

She said, “These tools are not intended to replace the role journalists play in reporting their articles, writing and verifying their articles. Our goal is to give journalists the option to use these emerging technologies in a way that enhances their work and productivity, just as we make utilities available to people in Gmail and Google Docs .”

Two New York Times executives who watched the presentation said that it “seems to take for granted the effort to produce accurate and imaginative news stories.”

The newspaper quoted a person familiar with the product as saying that the tool would serve as a “personal assistant for journalists” to automate certain tasks, and that Google saw it as an opportunity to help “steer the publishing industry away from the dangers of generative AI.” “.

The move comes after OpenAI and the Associated Press struck a deal with maker ChatGPT to use the news agency’s story archive for the purpose of training its AI models, which digest massive amounts of material in order to produce plausible responses.

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In a report last month, accounting group KPMG estimated That 43% of the tasks that authors, writers and translators perform can be done by AI tools. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development reported last week that major economies were on the verge of an “artificial intelligence revolution” that could lead to job losses in skilled professions such as law, medicine and finance.

Apple is testing an AI-powered chatbot that engineers refer to as Apple GPT, according to Bloomberg. It is understood that the chatbot has the potential to challenge ChatGPT, but Apple has not released a clear plan to release the technology to consumers. The chatbot works from an AI model called Ajax.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said that the company is “looking closely” at AI technology.

OpenAI executive Peter Welinder has denied claims that the model underlying the more advanced version of ChatGPT, a model called GPT-4, has become “stupid”.

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Welinder said in a tweet that people have become such heavy users of it that they’re noticing issues they haven’t seen before. “We haven’t made GPT-4 dumber. Quite the opposite: we make each new version smarter than the previous one.

Users can check how responses have changed by entering a previously used prompt from days before ChatGPT and comparing the output. 1 user chirp: “Born faster, but the quality seems to be worse.”

last books On the OpenAI Developers Forum: “It’s absolutely awful now… It’s mental vs. before… If you weren’t already pushing it with what it could have done previously, you wouldn’t even notice. However, if you really use it fully, it’s obvious It’s very stupid.”

As newsrooms explore the possibility of using artificial intelligence, the investigation this year by the anti-disinformation group NewsGuard It found that bots are already powering dozens of AI-generated content farms.

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