Here is the best exercise for living longer without playing sports

You may have seen this new Netflix documentary. Entitled “100 Years: The Secret of the Blue Zones”, it proposes to take us to the four corners of the world, the areas with the highest population of hundreds per square meter. Apparently, their way of life seduces and intrigues: a basically plant-based diet, daily exercise, sports, a search for meaning even in retirement, or a social and family life. Very busy.

Here’s the number of minutes you should walk per day to live longer:

Escarpment and longevity

In this famous documentary, one chapter in particular focuses on the centenary celebrations of the province of Nouro in Sardinia. In these small, steep villages in Italy, old people live longer than anywhere else. why In fact there may be a direct correlation between steepness and longevity. A study by Gianni Bess, a researcher at the Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine at the University of Sassari, suggests that the most effective exercise for living longer is climbing stairs, steep slopes or hills. A way to keep your body active without doing sports.

This may be one of the main secrets to living a century: doing physical activity throughout the day without even realizing it. We tend our garden, we cook with our hands without powering electronic devices, we walk a lot, and despite our old age we still climb the stairs. Compared to this, our two or three weekly sports sessions combined with an almost entirely sedentary life seem insignificant.


“Love your friends, love your family and do lots of outdoor physical activity like climbing the Sardinian mountains”, summed up Gianni Bess in an interview with Favorite magazine. The expert interviewed more than 300 centenarians and determined that climbing steep slopes allows them to expend extra energy and therefore carry out vigorous physical activity beyond the age of 80 without realizing it. Most Sardinian residents interviewed had an average of about thirty steps to access the entrance of their house, which was arranged on two or three floors.

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Anglo-Saxon countries use the initials NEAT to describe these measures. “Non-exercise activity thermogenesis” refers to all normal daily activities that allow you to burn calories and expend energy without wearing sports clothing. This includes carrying your shopping bags up the stairs instead of the elevator. In short, we move without planning a specific sports session and burn calories throughout the day to lose weight and live longer.

Better to climb the stairs. With proper posture, it’s great. French Vogue Interview with Arsenal Feminino Madrid who offered the following advice: “As with any physical activity, controlling your posture allows you to get the best results. You should always use a belly belt so you can keep your back straight without leaning forward, and make sure your shoulder blades are well anchored. Additionally, move your arms vigorously at the same time you climb the stairs, so that Activating the entire body’s muscles is also beneficial.”

Tea can help you live longer, study says:

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