“He was a raw talent” – Deadline

Tom Selleck remembers Matthew Perry and the time he shared with the actor… friends hiring.

Selleck joined the sitcom in the second season in the recurring role of eye doctor Richard Burke, who was the love interest of Courteney Cox's Monica Geller. The actor recalls being on the set of the show and connecting with Perry, and talking about his father, as Selleck had a friendship with JonBenét Perry.

“Everyone couldn't have been nicer to me,” Selleck said. USA Today In an interview. “But every day I see Matthew, and I ask him: How is your father?” He was always smiling and we would catch up with him. I met his father when I was a struggling young actor. In almost every commercial or pilot I was in, there was a John. We have become real good friends.”

Selleck has fond memories of Perry and… friends The cast remembers the filming of the episode titled “The One Where Old Yeller Dies,” in which star Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Chandler (Perry) transform into Richard Selick and vice versa.

“[Perry] “I walked onto the set, and it brought the house down,” Selleck recalled when Perry delivered Richard's line: “Nice mustache, by the way. When puberty comes, this thing's really going to kick in.”

“He was a raw talent,” Celik added. Matthew is gone, so it's easy to say, but it's the truth. I think he was the most talented of a very talented group of people.

Perry died on October 28, 2023, at his home due to “acute effects of ketamine,” according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office. the friends The cast was reunited for a memorial service in Perry's honor, to which Selleck was invited but unable to attend.

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It's the relationship between the actors that Selleck remembers most from his time working on the set friends.

“No bad stories. No star stuff. Nothing like that there,” Celek recalls. “You would sit down to get feedback on training, and it was great. Courteney will sit on one person's lap and then sit on another person's lap the next time. They all just got along. I think it's because all these actors failed in other shows. And now they are in this strike. They all realized how lucky they were.”

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