“He owes me everything, he thinks we are equal”: The relationship between Emmanuel Macron and Edward Phillip is at a very low ebb.

Tensions have risen between the president and his former prime minister. The presidential election passed as Matignon’s new tenant to Emmanuel Macron, who was to replace Jean Costex before the legislative election, which could redefine the definition of a majority in the legislature. According to Europe 1, Macron wants to keep Jean Costex, but the latter has refused and does not want to lead the legislative war.

It seems certain that Edward Philip should not return. Emmanuel Macron no longer supports his former government partner. “Horizons has no module (Edward Philip Editor’s Note Party), They are fools!“The former prime minister would have personally informed the president of one of his close associates questioning him about the party’s candidatures, Europe 1 related.”He owes me everything, does he think we are equal? Did he smoke the steam of the port of Le Havre?

Within Macroni, many say that Emmanuel Macron did not digest the fact that Edward Philip founded his own party, presenting Francinefo. Those close to the head of state want to “eliminate” Mayor Le Havre, as the former prime minister has been ousted from the legislature. “Only Edward Philip persecutes us. But, we are going to kill him!“, Said the administrator’s adviser Obs. Fantastic environment.

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