Hanno Man distributor offers a new lesson

Nizam region distributor Maitreyi Sachi has revealed comprehensive statistics for the film 'Hanuman', including parameters such as the number of tickets sold and total gross collections.

The details are as follows:

Movie: Hanuman
Days: 14
Shows: 9027
Audiences: 2,528,983
Participation: INR 25,01,31,579.00
Share with GST: INR 29,51,55,263.00
Total: INR 48,62,29,176.00

Interestingly, this represents one of the first cases in Tollywood within the Telugu states where the distributor has revealed such detailed figures.

It is worth noting that in the United States of America, Rentrak carefully tracks these numbers, which enhances transparency. Even in Bollywood, similar personalities are shared openly without any hidden elements.

By contrast, transparency of this kind has been rare in the Telugu states. Producers typically release the numbers through their professionals, with many admitting that these numbers are often manipulated to please the champion stars and their fan base.

This practice primarily benefits the heroes, leading to increased wages for their subsequent films on various banners, fueled by these inflated numbers.

Producers often feel obligated not to upset champions, for fear that they may not receive offers from the same champion in the future if the actual numbers are revealed publicly.

To combat this, distributors must step up to release accurate numbers across all parameters, as they are usually the last party to see any profits and have no obligation to meet the needs of the champion or his fans.

Furthermore, assessing a film's true strength should not be based solely on collections, but should take into account factors such as the number of tickets sold at the box office.

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For example, while 'Pushpa' had a larger audience than 'RRR', the latter generated higher collections due to a significant increase in ticket prices.

Similar situations apply to films like 'Guntur Kaaram' and 'Hanu Man', where premium ticket pricing played a role in the collections of 'Guntur Kaaram'.

In conclusion, distributor Sachi's approach sets a new precedent, offering a solution to all distributors to reveal the true power of any film at the box office. The move empowers distributors within the cinema business ecosystem, breaking away from existing norms.

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