Hamas attack: Israeli official says child with severed head found

Colonel Golan Wach, head of the army’s search and rescue unit, said he found the body of a mother shielding her child while searching the ruins of Kibbutz Biri in southern Israel, three days after attacks by hundreds of Hamas men from neighboring countries. Gaza Strip.

“When I pulled it out, I saw a decapitated child. I carried it in my hands, I put it in the body bag, and I did it personally,” assured the officer. Asa is another kibbutz hit by fighters from Hamas, the ruling movement in Gaza.

According to the latest figures from Israeli authorities, more than 1,400 people have been killed in Israel since October 7, mainly civilians of all ages, who were massacred by Hamas that day. They also identified nearly 230 people kidnapped by Hamas and held hostage in Gaza.

Hamas has denied that its commandos killed the children during the attack.

Israeli media first reported the allegations of decapitated children. This was initially supported by Israeli officials, before spokesmen said they could not confirm them.

US President Joe Biden cited the beheading of children before his office clarified that he had not seen any footage of such atrocities.

Rabbi Israel Weiss, one of those in charge of identifying the bodies of those killed on October 7, reported on October 16 that he had “seen children, women and children with their heads cut off” in Tel Aviv.

No independently verified images, photographs or videos of decapitated children have ever surfaced.

“People ask me how it is possible that I don’t take pictures. I say, ‘I’m sorry. I have children. I have limitations. I don’t take pictures of a child with a severed head.'” Colonel Wach explained.

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In response to Hamas attacks, the Israeli military launched an intensive bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip, killing more than 7,300 people, mostly civilians, including more than 3,000 children, according to a recent report released Friday. Health.

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