Grichka Bogdanoff died at the age of 72

The twin brothers Igor and Kriska Boktanaf culminated in a futuristic television show in the 1980s, calling themselves “extraterrestrials” before being criticized for the credibility of their scientific work and for being ridiculed for their altered physique.

There are many mysteries surrounding the biographies of famous twins who have repeatedly violated the law.

The trial for the “vulnerable person fraud” targeting the two brothers is set to take place on January 20, 21 and 27, 2022. They are accused of robbing the bipartisan millionaire of solving their financial problems and relaunching the show science fiction “Time X”. It made them popular.

In the space of a spaceship, with their future combinations, their small Russian accent and their laser vision, they launched the project on TF1 in 1979, where until 1987, they talked about future trains, artificial intelligence, d astronomy or UFOs.

Unless everyone is a fan – L’Express Magazine was paradoxical in 1985 that “these circus clones invented the sunset look, it’s indecent” – however, they are being pushed to the standard of icons by an entire generation who admire their best talent: ” We passed the tests that taught us that we are a part of the scale, ”Crisca said.

“This case is rare, but we have invested in all the benefits of twins – physical, intellectual and moral vibration – without the great difficulty of one establishing his government over another,” he added.

They then disappear from the screen for ten years, spend time studying, writing their dissertations, writing popular works such as “God and Science” (named Boktanov from the early 1990s), interviewing the philosopher Jean Kitten (1991) and then stealing them from the American astronomer Trin Xuan Duan. Are charged.

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Low scientific value

They return to the 21st century, with many shows, especially alien television. So, in 2008, they presented France 2 in “Science X”, but the program quickly stopped.

They were born on August 29, 1949, in the village of Saint-Larry in Jersey. Their father would be a Russian painter of Tatar descent, and their mother a natural daughter of Austrian nobles.

Among the 15,000 works in French, Russian, English or German in the family library they are nurtured by the authors.

In 1999, Grichka confirmed his dissertation on mathematics, and in 2002, on Igor physics. Controversy arose over the value of their work, especially as they used the title of “physician” before completing their dissertations.

In 2010, Marianne released an extract from the weekly CNRS report, according to which these dissertations and other articles are “of no scientific value”. In 2012, 170 scientists demanded the “right to blame” after the sentencing of a CNRS researcher who criticized the duo’s writings.

Marion will be convicted of libel in 2014, but shortly thereafter, the brothers will be acquitted of the action brought against CNRS in the Paris Administrative Tribunal.

Overall, it turns out that their work is not hoax, but low value. Defendants say the scientific community finds it difficult to tolerate the fact that they are media personalities, successful promoters.

In recent years, comedians have made headlines, especially by making fun of their deeply changed faces. 2010 without further ado, “We claim to have the mouths of aliens.

Interested in flying devices (like his brother), Igor was fined for falsifying his helicopter record book: he wanted in 2012 to encourage the publication of one of their books near a shopping center.

Igor has six children from several unions. Very sensible, Grisca was alone without children.

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