She is forced to sleep on Peugeot 306, looking at her rat-infested house in fear and saying, “I’m in despair.”

Kareen had no choice. Shortly before Christmas, almost a week later, a former working class resident of Lelièvre, north of France, had to spend his nights with his dog on his Peugeot 306. Decision made in a happy manner. If he had decided to sleep in his car, it was because his clean and tidy house had become the headquarters of rats.

“It was everywhere!, She says The Voice of the North. If she contacted the landlord, CCAS (Class Community Action Center) or the Town Hall, nothing was done immediately. “I tried to stop thinking about it, but I could not sleep because the rats were so loud. Once, when I opened the cabinet door at the bottom of the sink, I saw a rat face to face. Then I heard several people running between the partitions.”


Kareen took refuge in her car and was able to trust her neighbor. The emus, however, warned the townhall that they would eventually win the case: on Thursday, December 22, a rat control agency arrived to dispose of particles and particles at the rodent crossings. “He removed a lot of rat bodies.” You really have a lot, “he told me.”

Despite this saving intervention for Christmas, Kareen is not fully committed. In fact, the entry points of rodents are not blocked. If another employee had come to spread the foam in the openings, remake the silicone joints and glue the other places, the resident was still not relieved.

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Especially after returning home … from Monday to Tuesday night Kareen surprised a rat again. At the end of her rope, she took a stick and stabbed him before opening the door, and he was dead. After warning again in the town hall that he had promised to call someone back in a hurry, he told our colleagues, “I am very pessimistic.”

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