Greta Thunberg ejected by Norwegian police in anti-aircraft raid (VIDEO)

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg was escorted out by police in Oslo on Wednesday during a protest launched by Sami activists, who said they were determined to “shut down the Norwegian government” to get the demolition of wind turbines declared illegal.

The young woman was taken by force, but not violently, as she barricaded the door to Norway’s finance ministry with a dozen activists, before being escorted by two policewomen and escorted out, television footage showed.

Neither Greta Thunberg nor the activists were arrested and the young Swede left the camera lenses, without issuing a statement, as soon as she was placed on the ground.

In October 2021, the Norwegian Supreme Court found that the two wind farms violated the culture of Sami families, namely the right to herd reindeer, in violation of the UN Convention on Civil and Political Rights.

But even after 500 days, the country’s Supreme Court has not ruled on the fate to be given to the 151 turbines still in operation.

Norway: When Greta Thunberg protests against wind turbines

Sami activists (formerly referred to by the term Laps) demand the demolition of wind turbines installed in the Fosen region (west).

Through the voice of musician Ella Marie Hatta Isaksen, they vowed to “shut down the state” as long as the turbines remained.

They have been joined by Greta Thunberg since Sunday.

“This is a question of human rights being violated and the rights of indigenous peoples not being respected,” he confirmed this on the microphone of the TV2 channel before being kicked out.

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“It is sad that such methods have to be resorted to for the right to life,” he added.

The action began last Thursday when a few Samis in their traditional blue and red attire occupied the entrance hall of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

Forced out by police overnight from Sunday to Monday, the militants, in ever-larger numbers, began blocking access to ministries this week, gradually expanding their operations to a growing number of buildings.

According to local media, they chained themselves in front of the doors of the ministries with chains and padlocks provided by a BDSM club.

On Wednesday morning, the police removed them from the Finance Ministry entrance. Oil and Energy Minister Terje Asheim has canceled an official visit to the UK.

Criticized for their delay, Norwegian officials have vowed to respect the Supreme Court’s ruling and seek additional expertise in hopes of finding ways to allow electricity producers and reindeer herders to coexist.

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