Italy’s ‘biggest tragedy’: Five dead after being hit by train

Five railway workers were killed in a train collision on the outskirts of Turin in northern Italy on night maintenance work, several Italian media reported on Thursday.

The train, carrying wagons on the line between Milan and Turin, was traveling at a speed of 160 km/h when it collided with a group replacing elements of the track near Brandiso, railway agencies said.AGI and Anza Press.

The railway workers were dragged several hundred meters, according to the AGI, adding that two of their colleagues managed to escape from the train.

Brandiso’s mayor, Paolo Bodoni, told AGI that a rescuer described to him “Horrible scene with human remains 300 meters away“.

It is a great tragedy“, he declared.

According to an elected official, “We cannot avoid communication error“Investigation is going on,” he said. Bodoni.

The driver of the train was not injured in the shock, Ansa said.

RFI, the company responsible for managing the Italian rail network, has its “Deep sadness“and addressed”His condolences to the families of the deceased employees“, according to a press release issued by news agencies.

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