Greta Thunberg Arrested: Amazing Pictures From Her Arrest (VIDEO)

Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg was arrested by police on Tuesday among protesters against coal mining expansion in Germany. But the footage of his arrest is shocking and raises questions.

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LA group of demonstrators were arrested after approaching the mine, where lignite, a particularly polluting fuel, was extracted from a large pit. “They were taken by bus out of the danger zone”, their identities were checked and then they were released, a local police spokesman told AFP, which lasted “several hours”.

Amazing pictures

The photos show Greta Thunberg, dressed in black, being detained by police and then being carried away by them as part of their exodus. But the police and Greta Thunberg stop to “pose”. Wonderful behavior.

The Swedish activist has been in Germany for several days supporting those opposed to the country’s largest open-pit mine, which is engulfing an abandoned hamlet in the Rhine basin called Lutzerath.

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