Angry farmers: New measures to help farming world to be announced within 48 hours: Agriculture Minister

On Monday, January 29, Agriculture Minister Marc Fesno joined Telemedin to discuss mobilizing farmers.

After Operation Punch this Friday, January 26, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced a series of measures to help farmers, Agriculture Minister Marc Fesno announced new measures to be taken on Telemedia this Monday, January 29. will be published in “48 Hours”.

If the elected official does not provide further details, he promises to be the Prime Minister “Keep working with representatives” of the agricultural world “A certain number of measures must be announced to demonstrate the government's willingness to emerge from the crisis and above all to provide concrete answers.”

As a reminder, in the first announcements made by Gabriel Attal, the minister confirmed the implementation. “3 very severe obstacles“Against companies that do not respect the Ecolim Act that allows fair income distribution to farmers.

The latter referred to the removal of jurisdiction over water and cattle or the review period of appeals for the scheme which went from 4 to 2 months.

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