Gran Turismo 7 has been pretty much unplayable for hours due to server maintenance

Gran Turismo 7, One of the biggest PlayStation releases of the year so far, it has been under server maintenance for hours due to an issue found in the game’s latest update. Notice reads in Gran Turismo website from this morning. “We will confirm the completion time as soon as possible.”

Maintenance means that a lot of Gran Turismo 7, including Career and Multiplayer mode, is not playable, and it is unclear when maintenance may end. Developer Polyphony Digital did not explain what the underlying issue was, and Sony did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

according to Polyphony patch notesUpdate 1.07 adds a number of fixes and changes, including a file broadcast mode Removes all licensed music tracks. However, Polyphony says it has also adjusted the rewards for some events and players Seems to be found That for many races, you now get lower credits, which makes it more difficult to provide in-game currency for more expensive cars.

Scanning by file Gran Turismo subreddit, obviously Many fans are not particularly happy With the credits changes in the patch. Sony sells in-game credits for real dollars that can help you get the cars you want, but those microtransactions are higher than the $60 or $70 you actually pay to buy the game (depending on whether you get it) for PS4 or PS5. It’s not clear if Polyphony will make changes to credit payments in response to fan protests.

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