Twitch’s new Partner Plus tier defines what it takes to get 70/30 revenue sharing

twitch Introduces the new “Partner Plus” programme Streamers will be given a 70 percent increase in their subscription revenue share — up to the first $100,000 brought in each year — with Twitch taking the other 30 percent.

Most partner streamers take 50 percent of their subscription revenue, though Twitch had negotiated 70/30 deals with some of the biggest streamers on the platform until last fall when it announced that those deals would eventually bring in the same 100%. 000 dollars. The new program does not appear to change these “premium subscription terms”, but it may give many operators access to the higher division.

in September blog postTwitch head Dan Clancy wrote that the company hasn’t offered premium agreements to new streamers who haven’t already had them in over a year, and that for the 90 percent of streamers who have a higher split, it won’t affect them “at their current level of revenue.” .

On Twitch, streamers can reach a much larger pool of viewers and subscribers, but streamers have to push To offer a 70/30 split service to everyone, especially given the competition. Meta does not take any subscription severance For the remainder of 2023 via Facebook and Instagramincluded facebook gameswhile YouTube Gaming Offers 70/30 split on “fan funded” like memberships and super chat. Kick, the newest competitor launched in January, Announce Divide 95/5 by subscription revenue.

Twitch users will need to maintain a sub-count of at least 350 “paid recurring subscriptions for three consecutive months” to qualify for the program, the company’s Chief Monetization Officer Mike Minton and Chief Content Officer Laura Lee said in a Twitch blog post.

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Once you meet that standard, the executives say you’ll be automatically enrolled for the next 12 months, “even if you fall below the subscription limit within that 12-month period.” (Free subscriptions given to Amazon Prime members do not count toward Partner Plus tier eligibility, According to the FAQ.) After you earn $100,000 in signup revenue, your signup ratio will be reduced to the standard 50/50 level.

The program is scheduled to launch on October 1, and if you meet the criteria in July, August, and September, you will be enrolled in October.

Update June 15th at 1:51 PM ET: Additional information about revenue sharing divisions has been added.

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