Google Messages prepares “profiles” to assign you your name and photo

Over the past few months, Google Messages has been working on its profiles feature, and we now have a better idea of ​​its purpose.

About APK Insight: In this APK Insight post, we break down the latest version of the app that Google has uploaded to the Play Store. When we unpack these files (called APK files, in the case of Android apps), we are able to see different lines of code within those that hint at potential future features. Keep in mind that Google may or may not ship these features at all, and our explanation of what they are may be incomplete. We’ll try to enable those that are close to being finished, however, to show you what they’ll look like when they charge. With that in mind, read on.

Google Messages build 20231106_01_RC00, currently in beta, describes the simple ability to “choose your profile name and photo so people can recognize you.”

  • Profile personly
  • Share profile
  • Choose your profile name & photo so people can recognize you
  • Preferences saved
  • Failed to save name & photo. Please try again later.

Back in January, people spotted the Profile preferences page, which you can look at when digging into Android’s settings, even though it wasn’t loading properly. It will have an on/off switch for “profile sharing” and “visibility” control. You can get notifications when new contacts are found, and there are “contact updates”.

It remains to be seen whether profiles are a feature of RCS or something Google (Messages) manages and hosts itself. Profile names and photos should appear at the top of conversations. Currently, tapping opens the Google Contacts app.

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Profiles join other messaging features like Google Account-based device pairing and a redesigned voice recorder that the company has yet to officially announce.

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