Gaza is far from the Israeli military’s only concern

Physically and militarily intervening in Gaza is an absolute nightmare that inevitably leaves many victims in both camps, especially in the public eye. On the IDF’s part, Sunday indicated to wait “A political decision” a “war cabinet” formed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and part of the opposition. “Let’s negotiate at the political level” announced his spokesman Richard Hecht, while Mr. Netanyahu promised “Get rid of Hamas“He alleged blocking of roads and access routes to the south, along with supporting photographs.

5,000 pregnant women

Bombings continued throughout the weekend, the format of which remains to be defined to facilitate future ground intervention. According to Tomer Barr, commander of the Israeli Air Force, “Aggressive approach“The IDF’s air mission is specifically”Players guarantee the ability to intervene effectively on the ground”.

After a week of intense bombing, about a million people have already been displaced in Gaza, according to the United Nations, “It firmly reiterated Israeli orders to evacuate 22 hospitals treating more than two thousand patients in northern Gaza”. which procedure is tantamount to imposing on them”A death sentence”. Not forgetting about five thousand pregnant women who are in their last month of pregnancy, without proper infrastructure and thus exposed to serious health risks.

126 hostages were confirmed

Recent reports from the Gaza Ministry of Health indicate that at least 2,400 Palestinians have been killed and 9,200 injured since the war began. More than 1,400 people died, including 286 soldiers on the Israeli side. On Sunday evening, the army announced that it had identified 126 hostages in the hands of Hamas, while hundreds of people were missing and the bodies of Israeli victims were all unidentified.

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Hamas announced on Saturday that 22 Israeli and foreign hostages had been killed in heavy IDF strikes. Rescuing the captives alive promises to be complicated. Several foreign countries have offered to act as mediators, but Tzachi Hanegbi, the Israeli government’s national security adviser, ruled out any talks with Hamas on Sunday, deeming it off the table.With an enemy we swore to destroy”.

“We were in our shelter and our neighbors wrote to us: ‘Terrorists are in our house, they are shooting at us.’

Lebanon attacks

Israel cannot focus its attention and forces on the Gaza Strip. This weekend, the country’s much-feared contagion effect was gradually confirmed. Most major cities in the occupied West Bank have been subject to demonstrations of solidarity with Gaza, almost regularly leading to clashes with Israeli armed forces. The 17-year-old Palestinian killed on Sunday brings to 56 the number of Palestinians in the West Bank since the start of the conflict, which is now from Lebanon.

Hezbollah, initially somewhat withdrawn, vowed to go to war in the event of a protracted conflict in Gaza, before launching a series of attacks on northern Israel. On Sunday, Hamas indicated that three militants had been killed infiltrating Israel from Lebanon and that about twenty rockets had been fired at the site. In a sign of the feared escalation, a 4km “no-holds-barred zone” off-limits to civilians has now been set up along the Lebanese border, which is also active in neighboring Syria. After targeting Damascus and Aleppo airports, the IDF again bombed western Syria after an air alert was triggered in the Golan. Already deadly, this multi-front conflict raises more than ever the fear of a regional conflict and the fear of direct intervention by Iran.

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“Paranoid and neurotic,” Israel feels threatened from all sides

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