Gamers Nexus calls out Linus Tech’s tips for accuracy and ethical concerns

published: 2023-08-14 T21:59:53

updated: 2023-08-14 T22:00:06

Gamers Nexus Tech’s YouTube channel called out Linus Tech’s advice in its latest video, criticizing its content for accuracy and ethical concerns..

Linus Sebastion started the Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel while working at a Canadian computer store, but since then his popularity has skyrocketed to over 15 million subscribers on the main channel.

It has since evolved into the Linus Media Group, uploading to a few different channels each week so fans can enjoy a steady stream of content from YouTubers.

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However, Gamers Nexus uploaded a video calling out the Linus Media Group, criticizing its accuracy and raising ethical concerns.

Gamers Nexus calls Linus Media Group’s precision

In the video, Steve Burke of Gamers Nexus accurately mentions a variety of issues with Linus Tech Tips videos.

Citing clips from an interview with LMG employees, Burke said the company’s self-proposed deadline for videos affected the accuracy of test results and feedback in the various videos.

Steve went into the issues they had with GPU, PSU, CPU, and CPU Cooler errors in the Linus Tech Tips videos and called them to add a disclaimer on the video instead of re-recording the clip.

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“You can’t put text on the screen after you upload a video anymore, which means when you make a correction with an asterisk, the creator is aware of that correction,” said Steve.

However, they must be used carefully as most people will not read them. They might just listen to the video or kind of tune it in.”

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Gamers Nexus shares ethical concerns about Linus Tech’s advice

later in the videoSteve discusses the many concerns he and his team have with some of Linus’ ethics when it comes to the companies he works with.

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One example given by Gamers Nexus is the fact that Linus has invested a large amount of money in the laptop company Framework, but Steve claims that they continue to positively review their products in videos.

Another smaller example is Linus collaborating with Noctua to create a special color screwdriver. Linus Media Group has continued to bypass Noctua’s popular cooling options, and Gamers Nexus claims LMG often ignores product issues.

YouTube: Gamers Nexus

At the time of writing, Linus Tech Tips has not responded to Gamers Nexus concerns. We’ll be sure to let you know if they do.

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