French presidential election: Marine Le Pen’s successful move, now at Elysee’s gate

After a flurry of comments, the RN candidate has adopted a strategy of tarnishing his image in recent months. A profitable strategy.

According to recent polls, the rift between outgoing President Emmanuel Macron and National Rally candidate Marin Le Pen has narrowed in the run-up to the second round of the presidential election.

A few days before the first round, the two candidates are now only three points apart. With the fight hovering between 53-47% and 58-42% in March, a recent poll underscores the drop in Emmanuel Macron’s voting targets to 51.5% from 48.5% for Marine Le Pen. The 53-year-old National Rally candidate is starting his third presidential campaign and seems to be always close with Elysee.

Today, Marine Le Pen praises her project “Perfectly feasible, legally reliable and financially stable” And his father Jean-Marie Le Pen was careful to destroy the party’s sulfur past. “This is the work he started many years ago when he took charge as the leader of the National Front. Underlined by Virginie Martin, a French political scientist and teacher at the Gedge Business School. If we look closely, we realize that it took 10 years for this demonetisation and detoxification task to take a very social turn. Today, his party is the foremost of workers and the unemployed, accepting the dangerous questions he mixed with the questions of immigration. That is how he left his father, who was expelled from the party.

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