Free trial of Microsoft Ax Game Pass before Starfield launches

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It’s no secret that Game Pass is an exceptionally great deal for Xbox and PC gamers: $10 a month gets you access to more games than you could ever hope to finish in said month. As with many online gaming services, Microsoft has offered ways to try out the service at a lower cost. This seems to no longer be the case, as the company appears to have pulled demos ahead of one of the most highly anticipated game launches in recent years. starfield.

Not only does Microsoft offer different tiers for Game Pass, but they’ve been offering a very simple way to try out the service: one dollar will let you dive into their massive downloadable library for a month if you’re a first-time user. But back in early August When Microsoft raised the price of its most expensive Game Pass Ultimate service To $17 (Ultimate includes cloud game streaming), the company has reduced the free trial to just 14 days. Now at the end of August, there seems to be no way to try out the service for any discounted amount or any time period. You have to pay the full price

Kotaku I have reached out to Microsoft for comment.

Pure Xbox Game Pass beta changelog spotted after Report from the Polish gaming site XGP, who noted that the Game Pass free trial option appears to be no longer available. Quick view of Microsoft’s Game Pass landing page at the time of this writing appears to indicate this That her free trial has already run away.

So, while you will certainly be able to play starfield On September 6th with Game Pass, you won’t be able to do this with the free trial. and with The rising costs of broadcast services across the boardas far as it appears now You won’t save much money (if any) by “cutting the cord”.

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