France: Warning call, deer roaming “drunk” in Normandy

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Ivre ”, Paris Normandy reports that a deer has gone missing in the parking lot of Vernon Hospital Center. If the story makes you laugh, it illustrates a dangerous phenomenon for these animals. In fact, in the spring the deer eats the sweet buds of the trees. But the alkaloid ingredients in these delicious foods ferment in their stomachs and produce effects comparable to intoxicants. The story can then get worse for Manu. That’s why the 30 Million Friends Foundation, which published Vernon’s story, warns of this danger.


In Vernon, Friday, April 15, 2022, at 3:00 pm, a deer was spotted in the hospital parking lot. “Drunk”, an adult male could have crossed the China by swimming before coming to the city center. The Metropolitan Police accompanied by a local wolf lieutenant to the scene. Part of this volunteer’s mission is to regulate harmful and noxious creatures, and he takes action when wild animals are trapped somewhere. The lieutenant’s lieutenant “pointed out a protocol to municipal and hospital agents that catches the animal without taking the risk of injuring it,” one witness said. The deer were then “safely and healthily released into the Vernonet forest,” the city of Vernon said.

Do not try to get the deer drunk

“During this period of tree sprouting, deer like the sugar in the buds, so these kinds of mistakes are numerous,” notes 30 million friends. “It’s a coincidence that it’s produced by consuming too much food. Deer have no intention of drowning themselves, for example. , In Maison-Alfort (Val-de-Marne). According to him, cases of “drinking” are fortunately “very rare”.

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30 million friends state that there is no death to grieve. “But animals are frightened, depressed, and can injure themselves: some find themselves trapped in barricades, such as in car parks, and when they try to escape, they collide with each other and injure their heads.”

“The loss of natural identities is not just due to the consumption of happy plants”, add 30 million friends. Because in the spring, young deer have to leave their mother and set out to capture an area. “So sometimes cervicals can be found far away from their habitat, sometimes close to apartments.”

Faced with a panicked deer, the trust recommends contacting police or firefighters who will try to catch it free in the wild. If the story ends like this, the only consequence of over-involvement is – perhaps – a hangover.

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