Shooting in France near Luxembourg border: 5 injured, 3 seriously

A masked man opened fire from a vehicle before fleeing, Guillaume Petitclair, first deputy mayor of the city of Villeneuve, told AFP. Three of the injured were classified as an absolute emergency, one of them with a critical prognosis.

In Villerubt, “four people are injured, two of them seriously, one of them has been sent by helicopter by the emergency services,” he told AFP. “These are three young men and a young woman, aged between 15 and 20.”

According to a close source, the shooting may be linked to drug trafficking, which will be determined in the investigation. He was handed over to the SRPJ (Regional Service of the Judicial Police) of Metz.

“Four people have been affected in Murthe-et-Moselle and one victim in Moselle”, confirmed Julien Le Goff, Secretary General of the Meurthe-et-Moselle region, stressing that the town of Villerrupt borders the two. Departments.

“Among them, three are in absolute emergency, including one in critical prognosis and another in relative emergency,” he added.

He pointed out that “significant mechanisms of personal assistance and protection” have been mobilized. In addition to the investigators, “fifteen” policemen from Nancy and Metz were sent as reinforcements to secure the compound.

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