France: Two Rafale planes touch each other during an air meeting

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D.Raphael planes collided with each other during an air conference in southwestern France on Sunday, a very rare accident that we learned from military sources that did not prevent the planes from landing smoothly or causing casualties.

“During their tactical presentation, two Rafale from the 30th Fighter Division touched down on one of the planes,” Colonel Nicholas Liot, commander of the Cognac-Satouburnard base where the meeting was taking place, told AFP at 12:40 p.m.

In the neighboring town of Jensek-la-Pallu, he continued, “One of them lost part of its slide and, during the fall, damaged the roof of a house.”

However, the two planes landed “without difficulty” and the commander pointed out that “no injuries should be inflicted”, adding that a technical investigation was ongoing and administrative and judicial investigations would continue.

Such an accident is very rare. The last such incident occurred during training for the Patrouille de France in April 2010, according to the Air Force news service.

A resident of the street where the plane crashed in Jensek-la-Pallu questioned over the phone that he did not want to be identified, pointing out that the debris had “damaged the roof” and “broken tiles” before. Falls on the sidewalk “.

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