Military support for Ukraine weighs on many military stakes,’ explains Nicholas Gossett, an expert at the Royal Institute of Defence.

Germany should supply arms to Ukraine. This is in addition to the 500 million euros released by the European Union and pledged to Kyiv. The announcement may come as a surprise as Germany seems reluctant to accept this arms delivery. In the QR suite, Royal Defense Institute expert Nicolas Gossett explains that this reluctance was both technical and political: “Shipping this type of material requires very complex logistics, and the Germans were worried about the ability of the Ukrainians to set up the device, and then the reluctance was mainly related to the fact that the material was German and not only responsible for a certain form.“.

Nicolas Gossett believes that these arms deliveries are unlikely to move the conflict towards a Ukrainian victory. However, these heavy tanks are essential to recapture lost territories. What to think of these continuing arms deliveries? Are they not likely to deplete our reserves? This question should be asked according to Nicolas Gosset: “Military support is very high in many military holdings such as the Baltic States, Poland or the United Kingdom“. But our expert emphasizes the need for this military and financial assistance. And for those who think that Europe finds money only for Ukraine, our expert notes: “Europe has released nearly 800 billion in post-Covid aid. For Ukraine, we are 30 billion, part of which is in the form of debt. Security at a price and a certain worldview“.

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