France: Patrick Poivre d’Arvor was charged with rape in 2009

The former star anchor of TF1, nicknamed PPDA “Strongly opposes the alleged facts” According to his lawyers, since 2004 he has been held under the status of an accessory witness to the second fact denounced by the complainant. “Recommended”.

In addition to this procedure, the PPDA, 76 years old, is subject to a preliminary investigation launched in December 2021, in which 22 women were questioned, in which he was already questioned by investigators of the Crime Suppression Force.

The first preliminary investigation targeting him was launched in February 2021, following a complaint by writer Florence Porcel. The 40-year-old teacher accused Patrick Boivre d’Arver of coercing her into sex in 2004 and fellatio in 2009.

Twenty-two women later testified about rape, sexual assault and/or sexual harassment. In June 2021, the investigations were closed, mainly because the facts reported were out of date.

Florence Porcelle again filed a complaint, this time with a civil claim, to obtain the initiation of a new trial assigned to the trial judges.

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