A Bomb in a Cat’s Cage: Procedures of Ukrainian Secret Services to Assassinate Their Targets in Russia | War in Ukraine

A bomb hidden in a cat cage crossed the border to kill a famous war defender in Russia: Ukrainian secret services are using targeted assassinations against their Russian adversary, the Washington Post argued in a lengthy investigation Monday.

The American newspaper writes that Kiev is particularly at the origin of the attack near Moscow in August 2022, in which Daria Dakina, daughter of the ultranationalist writer and an ardent defender of the attack against Ukraine, died. Alexander Dugin.

The car in which the 29-year-old woman died was bombed a month ago after crossing the border into Ukraine, hidden in a box to carry the cats of a mother and her twelve-year-old daughter. According to anonymous sources cited by the Washington Post. The woman later rented an apartment near the home of the target, Alexandre Duguin, but got into a different car on the day of the explosion.

Approved by Zelensky

Ukraine, which has been blamed by Moscow, had no involvement in the attack, which shocked Russia. But Ukrainian involvement was already leaked by US sources cited by the New York Times in October 2022. kyiv has carried out these targeted assassination operations on several occasions, the Washington Post underscores, citing Ukrainian and American sources.

A former Russian submarine commander was shot dead by Ukrainian services in southern Russia in July, the daily reported. Each similar move was approved by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

More extensive assistance from the CIA

The Washington Post notes that the Ukrainian secret services, the SBU and the military GUR, which carry out these operations, have been trained, armed and instructed by the CIA for years. The US intelligence agency supplied communications and electronic surveillance equipment, fake uniforms to pro-Russian separatists and even participated in the construction of GUR offices, the newspaper said.

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But this very extensive assistance of the CIA in Ukraine was accompanied by American distrust of the most daring actions of the Ukrainian services, namely against the strategic bridge linking the occupied Crimea with Russia, the Washington Post sources maintain.

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