France: Macron calls for resignation of minister

Almost a month after the re-election of the head of state, three days after the long maturity of electing Matiken as ministers, the new government convenes on Monday morning. Already, with a business to manage.

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MAkron II, Act 1, Scenario 2. Almost a month after the re-election of the head of state and three days after the election of Maticken as minister, the new government meets on the menu the main priorities set by the president, school, health, climate change and the fight against inflation.

Amendment Act for the 2022 Budget: In this future speech, the Prime Minister will list various measures such as extending the tariff shield, food verification, raising the index for civil servants, and abolishing the audiovisual license fee.

The group of ministers will be the first round of new entrants to the Bourne government, which has a majority of 14 members on the outgoing committee (out of a total of 27 members).

In the new faces, the Minister of National Education, educator Bob Ndie, will be at the center of attention. The only real surprise of the new executive was that his appointment provoked a barrage of outrageous reactions from the far right, accusing him of “wanting to rebuild the country.”

But a surprise guest exploded on the executive’s political agenda: Damien Abbott, former chairman of the LR group in the National Assembly, and Macroni’s main war gift after the president’s victory on April 24.

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Appointed Minister of Integrity, Autonomy and Disability, Mr. Abbott faces serious charges of raping two women in 2010 and 2011. In an article published by Médiapart on Saturday, he denied it “with enormous force”.

Two complaints have already been filed, but Justice says it is examining the watchdog’s new report on gender-based and sexual violence in politics.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections

After criticisms targeting LREM Jérôme Peyrat’s investment, who was convicted of violence against an ex-comrade in 2020 and finally decided to withdraw his candidacy, management and the majority must face a new storm on file. Violence against women.

PS’s national secretary Olivier Faure on Monday called on Prime Minister Damien Abad to step down because “women’s word must be respected”.

“I have to say that Elizabeth Bourne has no place for her,” said Sandrin Rousseau, an environmental activist and candidate for the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (NOPS) in the legislative elections.

Elizabeth Bourne vowed to draw “all the consequences” during a trip to Calvados, “new elements” and during the nomination for justice, before the mediapart revealed these cases. .

Three weeks before the first round of the Assembly elections, Elysee has put pressure on fourteen ministerial candidates. According to an unwritten rule from 2007 already passed by Emmanuel Macron in 2017, they will have to resign if they lose this next election.

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Ms. A rule that applies to Borne as well.

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