Fox News host Tucker Carlson changes his tune on Russia, Ukraine and Putin

Hours later, Russia invaded Ukraine in Europe’s largest ground military conflict since World War II.

On Thursday night, Carlson backed down, describing what he called a “border dispute” two days earlier as a conflict that “could turn into a world war.”

“It is a tragedy,” he said, “because war is always a tragedy, and the closer you get to it, the more terrifying it seems.”

Carlson also changed his tone toward Putin. After Russian forces invaded and bombarded Ukrainian cities, Carlson said of Putin, “He is responsible for what we see tonight in Ukraine.”

“Vladimir Putin started this war, so whatever the context of his decision, he did it,” he said. “First shots.”

On Tuesday, Carlson said that hatred of Putin had become “the central objective of American foreign policy.”

“It might be helpful to ask yourself, as it gets so serious, ‘What is this really? Why do I hate Putin so much? “Did Putin call me racist? Did he threaten to expel me for violating him?”

Carlson’s comments on Tuesday were criticized as “dangerousBy one legislator. Putin has imprisoned opposition candidates and is accused of poisoning opponents on foreign soil even after they have spent years abroad.

On Thursday, Carlson told his viewers that Putin “obviously deserves punishment” for the invasion of Ukraine.

In the hours leading up to Carlson’s turn, the Russian Army built up its initial offensive, penetrating deep into Ukraine and advancing toward major cities such as Kharkiv in the east and the capital, Kiev, where a barrage of explosions forced some residents down to subway stations that covered and sent others fleeing the area entirely. The Washington Post reported.

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The Russians “have every intention of beheading the government and installing their own style of governance,” a senior defense official He told the newspaperHe spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive intelligence.

Although Carlson said Thursday night that “what Russia has done is terrible,” he quickly switched from blaming Putin to thinking about what would happen in the future. He admitted that the situation in Europe could only get worse.

We can say that Vladimir Putin is mistaken for what happened last night. But then what? “

“Once a conflict begins, especially when this conflict is broadcast on television, it is really hard to know what will happen next,” Carlson added. “So, anyone who thinks that an invasion of Ukraine cannot become a world war either lacks imagination or is lying to you.” It certainly could become a world war.”

Timothy Bella contributed to this report.

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